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Whilst travelling in and around Basingstoke, why not relax and travel in comfort and style in one of our luxury vehicles.

AJ Taxis provide chauffeur services for every occasion, from Dinner dates, Business meetings, or simply for pleasure this is the perfect way to make your journey.

The Olympic Flame will be passing through the Basingstoke town centre on Wednesday 11th July; this will mark a historic event for the people of Basingstoke.

Do you require a taxi service, Chauffeur or private hire to attend any of the Olympic events? AJ Taxis are providing a trustworthy service ensuring our clients are well looked after and transported in comfort and style. All our drivers are very knowledgeable about the local areas and will advise you the very best they can.

AJ Taxis will be keeping up-to-date with travel in and around London throughout the Olympics, to ensure you arrive at your destination without any fuss or delay.

If you need to make a special drop off, or collection, AJ Taxis can arrange this for you, and will ensure extra time is allowed to make the journey on time.

We can even arrange to make multiple collections, or drop-offs if necessary… you only have to ask.

Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week; our immaculate vehicles are always in high demand, because our clients really do receive a first class service!

So call us now on 01252 412001 to make your booking, or visit us at

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